Dutch Walla Zeckendorf Plaza 1960 ..This is a very special image to me (Mark Sink ) it was a project my father did together with I M PEI . 
 Dutch Walla owned and operated Roach Photos, Inc., a full service commercial photo lab in Denver since 1966. He apprenticed with photographer Otto Roach and bought Roach's photo business in 1958. Their photography represents an important historical record of Denver and Colorado. Born in Ulysses, Nebraska October 28, 1927 Dutch spent much of his youth in Seward, Nebraska. He learned the importance of hard work during the Great Depression and utilized that work ethic in everything that he did. Dutch moved to Lakewood, CO in 1946 and was inducted into the Army in Feb. 1951 and served in Eastern Europe until Feb. 1953. 
 Otto Roach Denver 1933
 Otto Roach 1958
 Image - Otto Roach
 Otto Roach Mt Evans CO.
Roach Tivoli 1939.png
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