Dance Photography Competition of Wonderbound dancers.  Wonderbound Studio at Junction Box 1075 Park Avenue West Denver, CO 80205 www.wonderbound.com 303.292.4700    MoP and Wonderbound have joined to offer a exciting opportunity to make images of their dancers in rehearsal and submit the best work for exhibition during the Month of Photography.   Subimission details will be announced soon.  The rehearsal space is open to the public and we would love to see you!  Just give us a call or send us an email to confirm rehearsal times – info@wonderbound.com - (303) 292-4700  Wonderbound is an American dance company in Denver, Colorado that creates genre-defying performances in collaboration with an ever-widening array of artists in the Rocky Mountain region. Wonderbound lives at the convergence of the seemingly disparate ideas of tradition and innovation, vulnerability and courage, and intimacy and openness. Resident within the Wonderbound family is a collection of multi-talented individuals who have embraced these paradoxical ideas and been selected for their capacity, creativity and daring. They revel in the idea that Wonderbound is forging a new path and building a new model for how the performing arts are created, supported and shared in a rapidly evolving world.
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