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Walker Fine Art - Art Conversations:

Tuesday April 28   5:30-7pm          

Art Conversations:   

Bonny Lhotka Hacking the Digital Print

Alternative image capture and printmaking processes

Photography has transformed from darkroom to digital, trading 

enlargers and chemicals for computers and mice. Along the way we’ve 

lost something: the roll of the hand-that ability to create truly one-of-

a-kind photographic and artistic works in the darkroom.  Now there 

are new processes for the digital era that mimic, replace, and extend 

classic photographic techniques, or create entirely new images. These 

school-safe, non-toxic processes restore the roll of the hand and allow 

students, instructors, photographers, and artists to hack their work to 

differentiate themselves and express their creative voice in ways never 

before possible. 


300 West 11th Ave  #A
Denver, Colorado, 80204
Tel: 303.355.8955

Located just four blocks from the Denver Art Museum, Walker Fine Art is a captivating, loft-style gallery featuring original contemporary art. Our national and regional artists display exceptional levels of sophistication, quality, and execution through multiple mediums. Themed exhibitions, featuring a 2D and 3D artist, follow a six week rotating schedule and represent the leading edge in Abstraction, Experimental Photography, and Realism.

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