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March 20th to  May 29th, 2015
Opening March 20th, 4 -7:30p
The exhibit Self-Transformation addresses healthy life choices and social issues through artworks by DAVA youth. Students’ photography projects, clay animation stills and Zines coincides with the Month of Photography in Colorado. The exhibit also includes youth drawings and interactive projects. 

During this annual exhibition, middle and high school students tackle important subjects like substance abuse, health, social behavior, and racial issues while elementary school students focus on nutrition and exercise. They research areas of their choosing before selecting a medium through which their ideas are expressed.  The resulting exhibition is designed to educate the community through the eyes of young people. 

This year, middle school students in DAVA’s Job Training Programs chose to present real stories focused on what happens in this community as a result of peer pressure, informed decision making, and awareness of risk factors. They learned to express their ideas through a creative writing workshop led by Annie Toro Lopez. Some students are creating “zines” that comment on issues facing teenagers today, including discrimination, cultural differences, health choices, bullying, and the selfie syndrome. Another group is focusing on representing empathy and sympathy through drawings, interactive projects and photography accompanied by educational text.

Younger students in DAVA’s Open Studio focused on nutrition and exercise through documentary portrait photography and clay animation stills. They learned about nutrition and about making better choices. They photographed each other in front of their favorite food choices, then in front of healthy food choices. Advanced High school students in the Open Studio created individual photography projects focusing on diabetes prevention, food production and self-discipline.

All of DAVA’s exhibits are free and open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday or by appointment. For more information about the exhibits email 

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