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RMCAD Spivak Gallery Jacob Holschuh Closing Reception

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
Spivak Gallery  Closing Reception

Jacob Holschuh

For Me, The Future…

For Me, The Future… is a portraiture series that investigates individuals from all walks of life, and their outlooks on the future. These outlooks can be personal, cultural, political, etc. The subjects are photographed during a conversation discussing their outlooks, and then are asked to hand-write the outlook on a blank piece of paper. These hand-written statements are then digitally placed over the portraits of the individuals who said them.

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
1600 Pierce St., Lakewood, CO 80214

The gallery is located in the Spivak building on the north side of the lawn. There is also an outdoor series on the south side of the Texas building on the student expression wall, down the ramp off of the roundabout. - (Map of campus)

303-753-6046 (RMCAD phone number)
513-276-7454 (My personal phone number) 

Closing reception March 20th , 2015, 6-10pm

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