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RULE - Jason DeMarte

New Photographs by Jason DeMarte

Opens Friday, March 27, 2015, 6-9p

Exhibition runs:
March 27 - May 9, 2015
at RULE Gallery

Saturday March 28, 2-4pm  Lecture at RedLine

3254 Walnut St. Denver CO, 80205

Tuesday - Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment



My work investigates how our modern day interpretation of the natural world compares to the way we approach our immediate consumer environment. I am interested in the American modes of representing the natural world through events and objects that have been fabricated or taken out of context. This unnatural experience of the so-called “natural” world is reflected in the way we, as modern consumers, ingest products.  What becomes clear is that the closer we come to mimicking the natural world, the further away we separate ourselves from it. I work digitally, combining images of fabricated and artificial flora and fauna with commercially produced and processed products. I look at how these seemingly unrelated and absurd groupings and composites begin to address attitudes and understandings of the contemporary experience. I represent the natural world through completely unnatural elements to speak metaphorically and symbolically of our mental separation from what is “real”, and compare and contrast this with the consumer world we surround ourselves with as a consequence.

 Lecture at RedLine 
Saturday March 28th 2-4pm
2350 Arapahoe St. Denver, CO 80205


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Robin Rule established in 1987, exhibits contemporary abstract and conceptual works, including paintings, sculpture, photography, and works on paper. RULE has been bringing national art to Denver through representation of prominent artists from around the country, while supporting the Denver art scene by promoting leading regional artists.


3254 Walnut St. Denver CO, 80205

Tuesday - Saturday 12-6pm or by appointment