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Louisville - Dona Laurita Gallery

Dona Laurita Gallery

The Long Road: a Photographic Journey
March 6th – April 26th 
Opening and Artists’ Receptions: 
Fridays, March 6th 6-9pm & April 3rd 6-9pm
(Louisville Arts District’s 1st Friday Art Walks)

Check our site and/or FB page for other special events throughout March and April.

Dona Laurita Gallery is excited to present The Long Road: a Photographic Journey. The exhibit honors the legacy of Hal Gould. Born in 1920, Hal owned Denver’s Camera Obscura Gallery, which was one of the nation’s oldest photographic fine art galleries from 1979 to 2011.  The exhibition includes photographs by Gould and a selection of artists directly and personally inspired by the work, passion and wisdom of Hal Gould.

Featuring works by Hal Gould, Loretta Young-Gautier, Jude Sanchez, Dona Laurita, and more.

"The same way musicians speak about Red Rocks with always very high regard, Hal kind of had that following among people in the photography world who showed [at Camera Obscura Gallery]." said Mark Sink, Founder of MoP Denver.

Dona Laurita Gallery is an art space specializing in photography, fine art, music, artist talks, readings, workshops, and whatever it takes to deepen the creative, thoughtful and beautiful things that life has to offer.

With exhibitions updated monthly, special events, and music performances, it is our mission to promote original artistic expression for Boulder County and the Metro Denver community. Dedicated to local artists and diverse mediums.


Dona Laurita Gallery
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