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Open Shutter Gallery Durango Opening

Open Shutter Gallery

Kamil Vojnar   April 3rd-May 6th, 2015

Artist's Reception 

Friday April 3rd  5-8pm


“My name is Kamil Vojnar.

I am Czech born, American artist.

Recently, I have moved to Los Angeles, after living last 10 years in France.

All my work starts with the photograph.

In my pictures I am trying to expose the corners of the soul,

where emotions reside.

But photograph itself is for me only the beginning of the process.

I like to create texturally satisfying objects by constructing my images

out of multiple layers of photographed elements and later,

on the print itself, applying multiple layers of wax based varnish and oil paint.

My work has been exhibited in France, Czech Republic, England 

and the United States. It is featured in private collections all over the world.”

                                                                -Kamil Vojnar



About Us


The Open Shutter Gallery, located at 735 Main Avenue in Durango, Colorado, opened for business on August 31, 2001. The Gallery exhibits both color and black and white fine art photography, including all alternative processes. Fine collectible photography books are also available.


The Open Shutter Gallery is the creation of Margy Dudley, a Durango resident and a photographer herself who moved from New York 15 years ago. Her mission for the Gallery is to exhibit fine quality work by both international and local photographers. The gallery has hosted shows with many world renowned photographers including Phil Borges, Paul Caponigro, Eliott Erwitt and Josef Hoflehner. Photography is also an important medium through which many humanitarian, sustainability and  conservation issues may be powerfully addressed. In addition to creating a forum within the Durango community dedicated exclusively to fine art photography, the gallery regularly shares the space to support various non-profit groups. 

International travel adventures as well as evening workshops, are available through the Gallery. Slide shows in conjunction with Gallery exhibits will occur throughout the year.

We are proud to be solar powered!



Margy Dudley,



Open Shutter Gallery

735 Main Avenue 

Durango, Co