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Robert Anderson Gallery - The Denver Collage Club


The Denver Collage Club
April - May 2015

Opens First Friday April 3th 5-9pm

Mario Zoots, Matthew Rose, Laura Shill, Adam Milner,
Samuel Mata, Libby Barbee, Colin Ward, Melissa Lynn, Kyle Huninghake, David H Tippits, Paula Gillen, Janice McDonald, Gary Emrich, Jeromie Dorrance,
Travis Hetman, Mark Sink, Herbert Bayer, Freddie Max Levenson,Taylor Balkissoon, Mado Reznik, Jerry Uelsmann, Steve Wilson, Alexander Rodchenko,Susan Goldstein

The Denver Collage Club is a gathering of local and international collage artists who have been gathering, sharing and exploring ideas on the topic of collage today.

Special thanks to Teresa and Paul Harbaugh


2426 East Third Avenue (Cherry Creek North)
Denver, CO 80206

The Robert Anderson Gallery specializes in regional and modern photography. 


The Denver Collage Club Salon

Tuesday, April 28, 5:30-7:30 p.m. @ Ross-Cherry Creek Library

305 Milwaukee Street.( two blocks from Robert Anderson )

Presentations and informal discussions on the art of collage, past, present and future, with several members of the Denver Collage Club. The Denver Collage Club will be currently exhibiting their work at the Robert Anderson Gallery 2426 East Third Avenue  ( couple block from the library). Come join a us for a guarantied enlightening evening of talent and ideas shared.