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Syntax Physic Opera - PIE GIRL - Opening

Syntax Physic Opera 

Historical Magical Photographic Events 
Summonsed by Jonathan Bitz

Big Wetplates and little Ambrotypes
A selection of recent work by 
Patrick Andrade and Mark Sink

March - April, 2015

Opening reception and picture making April 9th - 6-9pm

Portraits and Salon

A Pie Girl Dinner
Echo of a Famous Banquet
An echo of the famous dinner when in a  aureole of fluttering , twittering canary birds a beautiful young girl clad in a flowing robe of black rose entrancingly from a huge pie”
Freedoms of the studio reveal a night of lascivious intrigue.

9:00 Jazz Music by Minor Note Orchestra will fill the air for your entertainment pleasure and dancing atmosphere.

554 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80209