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The Pattern Shop - Closing Party - Photography in Retrospect 

Closing Party, First Friday, May 1st, 2015  6:00pm - 9:00pm

Photography in Retrospect 
A modern and historical survey of alternative and non-silver processes.

This exhibition is a survey of hand made alternative processes. Already photographers born in the 1990s look at once common analog processes such as film, the darkroom, and silver prints with wonderment and awe. Even more interesting is the large movement swinging back to explore long forgotten 19th century photographic processes. Presented in this exhibition are Daguerreotypes, Wet Plate Collodion Tintypes, Ambrotypes, Cyanotype, Bromoil, Gum, Salt, Platinum, Photogravure, Gelatin Silver,and more. Twenty years ago few practiced these processes. Today these previously obsolete processes are experiencing a major revival worldwide.
This exhibition and workshop series is grateful for the inkind support from Bostick and Sullivan - Supplies for handcrafted photography since 1980.

3349 Blake Street Denver, Co. 80205

3349 Blake Street
Denver, Co. 80205