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Dairy Arts Center - Impossible Humans + Transmission - Opening and Artist Talk

Impossible Humans: The International Collection

March 3-April 9, 2017
Opens Friday, March 10, 2017 5:00-7:00pm 

«Labels are for cans, not people» - Andy Warhol

Impossible Humans is a new kind of photographic event.

The main goal of the Impossible Humans project is to focus on the single person in order to enhance uniqueness and singularity, harmoniously placing the subject in her/his own environment, following the key component of the mindset that carried the European culture from the Middle Ages to Renaissance blossoming. In short, the idea is to portray individuals detached from mass standards, cataloguing and divisions created by social, cultural and religious identities. To place the single person in a perfectly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment.

Thus, Impossible Humans revolves around the portraiture of people; their uniqueness and personalities, enhancing our awareness of being each and all humans in every respect, each with our own with flaws, passions, emotions and dreams.

Impossible Humans: The International Collection will be shown on a video monitor on the entrance wall to McMahon Gallery in the Dairy Arts Center.

©Impossible Humans is a project and photographic action by the New Era Museum ideated and curated by Andrea Bigiarini"


Works by Michelle Robinson

Opens Friday, March 10, 2017 5:00-7:00pm
Featuring artist talks
On view March 3-April 9, 2017
Held at MacMillan Family Lobby and Hand-Rudy Galleries. 

Michelle Robinson (Los Angeles, CA) is interested in bringing intimacy and animation to forms that are ubiquitous but often invisible or ignored. Much of her work has been focused on the heavily altered Los Angeles River and the structures that surround it. The river takes many forms as it passes through the city, from concrete wastelands to partially natural wilderness. Power lines and telephone poles have replaced trees as the dominant vertical element in the landscape; freeways and bridges cross its 42-mile length. There is a terrible beauty in that tension between the natural and the man-made, and it is that relationship that Michelle explores in her imagery.

Michelle has been involved in methodical, process oriented art forms for some time as she likes seeing the evidence of the hand in the final work and enjoys taking advantage of 'happy accidents' along the way. She is deeply interested in texture, age, wear, and evidence of the passing of time, and tries to create images that, while inspired by real places, also exist outside of that context and occupy something closer to a dream, or a memory. Her works incorporate film photography and mixed media. 

2590 Walnut Street, 
Boulder CO 80302