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Black Book Gallery - Jon Furlong Opening

Jon Furlong

Opens Saturday, March 11th - 7-9p
March 11 - March 31, 2017

Black Book Gallery feature Jon Furlong who is Shepard Fairey's photographer - exhibit will feature pictures of Shepard and his indoor/outdoor work.

Jonathan Furlong (b.1981) is a Southern California native, best classified as a self-taught lifestyle and street photographer.  Most notably, Furlong has been a main component of documenting Shepard Fairey’s work and notorious installs behind the lens.  In Furlong’s hyper-critical, high-anxiety mind, he finds ways to capture an essence of beauty and chaos in an authentic form. Similar to the environment of his immediate involvement with Shepard’s projects, his style can best be described as unpredictable, surreptitious, and pragmatic.  While others attempt to recreate a meaning with a photo, Jon embraces what people may try and manipulate— the abominable truth, in his work. To him, the art of photography is preserving moments for eternity, so those who come across his work can see the past that set the future.

Located in Denver, Colorado, Black Book Gallery is one of the area’s most active and varied contemporary art hubs. Co-founders Tom Horne and Will Suitts founded Black Book Gallery in 2010. Black Book Gallery firmly believes that the artist is just as import as the work, demonstrating a clear respect and commitment to the creative process. This belief allows the artist to have complete creative freedom from show inception to installation and beyond.

In addition to cultivating strong relationships with artists, Black Book Gallery is passionate about helping individuals and institutions who are interested in expanding their collections. Please inquire about licensing, installations and commissions from featured artists.

Black Book Gallery
304 Elati St
Denver, CO 80223