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Cuba Cuba - Art Of War - Curt Bean - Habastle Opening

Hablaste- a retrospective of time well spent in Cuba
Curt Bean

Opens March 12th 6 - 9 pm  

Havana mixed media photo exhibition

Cuba is a very unique time capsule that is on the brink of war—an unconventional war, a war fought to preserve Cuba’s rich culture and unique environment. As more cruise ships port, and modern companies take root, the culture of Cuba breathes, adapts and works within the new environment.  

Being stranded in Havana for a handful of unplanned days, armed with only my backpack, camera and a solid pair of sneakers gave me a unique opportunity to
explore Havana to the fullest. I spent 8 to 10 hours a day walking, exploring, and seeking anything that would break up the monotony.   

I opened myself up to Havana and it took me in and spit me out. My views of Cuba before, during, and after were vastly different.  After spending 11 days in Havana, walking the streets, meeting the people and throwing myself into the culture, I got a real sense for the reality that is Havana. 

The reality from the surface is a beautiful island, full of amazing artist, musicians, and fantastic people. But once you peel back a layer, you see the immense poverty, the backwards government, the brainwashing. If you peel back another layer, you see that citizens cannot butcher their own cows, for the fear of incarceration, cannot own a boat, for the fear of them escaping, cannot live truly free.   

While walking every inch of Havana, I realized that I was walking in the calm before the storm. I took photos that capture the true feel of Havana for me, and I used mixed media to manipulate the photographs to portray how I feel Cubans see Havana. Being able to display the photography in a modern Cuban restaurant is a real treat for me. Please join me for the opening March 12th from 6 to 9pm.  

About the Artist:
Curt Bean Curt Bean was born and raised in a small town outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Bean’s work explores ideas of social justices and how to start those uncomfortable conversations through visual expression. The artist began his studies at Florida State University of Jacksonville and finished his thesis at the University of Colorado Denver in 2016. He has exhibited in Denver, Florida, and Montana.

Bean is a veteran who trained and led soldiers in Iraq with the U.S. Army, now leads the charge for veteran services through the Art of War Project, which he founded to provide creative resources to veterans. Bean has been recognized for these efforts through a Creative Leadership award in 2015 from the Governor of Colorado and most recently through the Masterminds award from Westword in 2017. Bean now lives and explores his art in Denver.

Cuba Cuba
1173 Delaware St, 
Denver, CO 80204