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VFW1 - Ghost Lenz and Jody Akers - Down in Denver

Ghost Lenz and Jody Akers
February 17th - April 7th 2017

March 17, 2017: 6pm - 10pm
Closes: First Friday, April 7th, 2017 6pm - 11pm 

Down in Denver is an all-Denver street photography exhibition created by Ghost Lenz and Jody Akers for MoP.  Over thirty black and white portraiture and documentary prints will be on display to reveal, reflect and connect many of the diverse energies permeating from Denver's urban core.  Perseverance.  Ferocity.  Hunger.  Celebration.  Despair.  Triumph.  Decay.  Love.  The selected works are a representation of observational and interactive relationships Akers and Ghost Lenz each share with the City they live...relationships that heighten the artists' awareness for the lives and stories of their subjects, and the City itself...and further their own individual introspections.  20% of print sales shall be donated to help fight homelessness in Denver. 
Artist Statements:
Ghost Lenz: 
"On the streets...Denver unassumingly and transparently reveals herself as strong, vulnerable, diverse, empathetic, dangerous, resilient, beautiful.  This story plays all day, all night.  I love this City.  I live in the guts of it.  I dance with her song and she lets me sing mine."

Jody Akers: 
"Down in Denver is where I dream seeing and feeling Down in Denver is where I live floating and sinking sometimes I get lost but I always make it back home, Down in Denver." 

VFW Post 1 (upstairs gallery)
841 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO  80204
(720) 515-8391