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PlatteForum- Pictorial Vexillography, Concerns in Different Regularities- George P. Perez and ArtLab Opening

Pictorial Vexillography, Concerns in Different Regularities
George P. Perez and ArtLab
Opens Saturday, March 18 12-2 PM
March 18 - April 1st

This exhibition, in tandem with the Month of Photography, features the Work of PlatteForum Lead Artist George P Perez and PlatteForum’s ArtLab Students

DENVER – PlatteForum is pleased to announce the exhibition “Pictorial Vexillography, Concerns in Different Regularities” which will open 12-2PM, Saturday, March 18, 2017 with a free, public reception at PlatteForum, 2400 Curtis Street in Denver. The exhibitions runs through April 1st. Gallery hours are Tuesdays - Saturdays, noon-6pm.

Developed by PlatteForum Lead Artist George P Perez, with PlatteForum’s own acclaimed ArtLab program, “Pictorial Vexillography” is a new exhibition that explores the teen’s view on identity and emblem. Vexillography is the practice of designing flags, and in so doing, one may create official statements to the outside world. Platteforum’s 16 high school youth interns will create flags and banners, based on their own photography, which are representative of their experiences, identities and world views.

About the Artist
George P. Perez is an artist that creates photographic works through impractical techniques such as long exposure, digital screen shot appropriation, and/or scanography. Perez’s work is based on banal, mundane or quotidian environments he interacts with on a day-to-day basis and/or his interpretation of present day society, either in real life or the digital realm, exploring the history of portraiture along side. Images are documented and manipulated to alter the meaning into another perception of a particular common narrative.

About ArtLab
ArtLab youth are involved in the creation and presentation of major works, mentored by professional artists, participate in workshops directed by visiting artists, mentor younger at-risk children during Learning Labs, and participate in service-learning projects. All projects address social issues affecting their generation which creates opportunities for youth to give voice to those issues. Each endeavor has clear goals and connections to the real world. This propels youth to become active members and catalysts for change in their communities. ArtLab integrates organic and structured activities with respectful interactions among all. Through individual and group struggles, challenges, and obstacles, ArtLab interns learn to work together as a team, communicate, accept differences, and focus on completing a project/goal together. In the end, ArtLab youth create high-quality works of art and experience a sense of accomplishment, pride, and shared purpose.

About PlatteForum
Founded in 2002, PlatteForum is an innovative arts education and youth development organization serving 2,500 inner-city, underserved youth, their families, and the general public. PlatteForum provides in-depth, curriculum-based arts education experiences that meet state educational standards and allow for longer-term mentoring relationships between youth and master artists who work in residency at PlatteForum. These artist residencies offer time, space, and resources for professional artists to create new work and shape an experience where young people can learn through practice, expanding their sense of what is possible. 

This award-winning nonprofit organization provides a nurturing space where creativity and artistic excellence are highly valued and where artists and youth work together to model the creative process, emphasizing the connections between their artistic passion, significant life experiences, and public issues. The overall experience transforms the lives of the youth, the artists and the community. For more information visit

2400 Curtis Street,
Denver CO