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The Temple Group Show Opening

Group Show
March 25th - April 2017
Opening March 25th, 6-11pm

Ron Pollard - We Kill Everything (Denver) 
Phil Donahue - what we're made of (Los Angeles)
Lewis Neeff - Between Worlds (Denver)
Miqo Cash - Untitled (Slovokia) 
Adam Gordon - Untitled Historic Photography (Denver)

Current Residents At The Temple:
Taylor Balkissoon, Viviane Le Courtois, Christopher R. Perez, Jonathan Saiz, Maomi Scheck, Molly Bounds, Detour, Xavien Lahey, George P. Perez, Ron Pollard, Chinn Wang, Carol Browning, Jason Lee Gimbel, Lewis Mitchell Neeff, Leo Rivera, Kinsey Zaire, Katie Caron, Caleb Hahne, Suchitra Mattai, Lori Owicz, Sony DSC, Regan Rosburg, Mario Zoots, Margaret Newman.

The Temple is a multi media fine art center. Galleries, studios and analog photography darkrooms and work areas and bakery. 
Entrance is by appointment only. To visit the exhibits or studios and for general information about the Temple, please call Adam Gordon at 720 236 6662 or visit: 

Home of Processus
Institute for Art and Life
Processus is a shared place for artists to think and make.
A multi-use shop, darkroom, clean space and cafe/pop up space

2400 Curtis St
Denver, Colorado 80205
303.653.4091 or 303.526.8064