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Painted Pixel Opening

The Painted Pixel

Alternative Printmakers
Joshua Hicks (aka Colorado Josh), David Jepsen, and Christopher Kates.

March 3rd - April 2017
Opens March 3 from 7-10

An exciting exhibit focusing on modern photo transfer techniques of landscape, cityscape, and abstract images. Something that needs to be seen in person - all three featured photographers used their own hands to create transfers onto wood or metal starting with an inkjet print. Each finished piece has it’s own unique look due to variations in the substrate it is being transferred to.

In addition to the art on the walls join us on March 3 from 7-10 to get your portrait taken to be transferred onto metal for a one-of-a-kind “modern tintype”. All the prints in the show, both transfers and traditional, are made at The Painted Pixel.

The Painted Pixel
5227 West 25th Avenue
Edgewater, CO 80214