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Jóga Boyd and Daniel Alexander Orr
Friday March 3 - 31 2017
Opening Saturday, March 4, 6-11PM

Dateline presents A Collection of Egos featuring the photographic documentation of people who use and abuse life to the maximum. Joga Boyd is a black Trans man based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Boyd has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol and their day job is being a drug and alcohol counselor. Under the handle of @egomaps35mm on Instagram Boyd documents the daily lives of the people they meet with little to no regard for what is considered taboo in America today. The result is haunting and genuine work that serves as a startling yet beautiful expose into the darker side of the human condition.    

Daniel Alexander Orr investigates themes of isolation and transience through images of nature's clash with human desire and longing. In contrast to Jogas work, Daniel’s work examines restraint and distance through sampled views of daily life and portraiture, confronting the dichotomous pull between destruction and preservation - socially, politically, personally and existentially. His work is defined by the loose separation that exists between a singular ego and collective ego/ collective consciousness, the camera serving as a mediation between the two.


What are the Wild Waves Saying:

Zak Rose and Kyle Seis
April 7 - 29 2017
Opening Saturday, April 8, 6-11PM

Dateline presents What are the Wild Waves Saying featuring new works by Zak Rose and Kyle Seis. Both artists are interested in pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a photograph and do so in playful and meaningful ways. Zak's works take the very personal feeling of isolation that often draws a photographer to the medium and glitches/modifies street photographs to create harmony and balance in a world he feels has little of either. Kyles investigations in light, space, shape, and form echo Zak's work aesthetically but move further into abstraction, being both very sculptural and present at times and then soothing and almost elusive at others.

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