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Feral Factory - Artist SALON

Artist Salon
Tuesday, 11 April, 7-9pm

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Our salons connect the themes of our exhibition to our community, with talks from our featured artist. This month continues last month’s themes of cities and urban life. “Radical heterogeneity” is the idea that healthy societies afford participation and representation to diverse groups, that these groups receive equal time in the discussion, an equal voice among their peers. While this ideal remains in our future, art explores these ideas now. This month’s Salon will talk about the idea, and the art, of heterogeneity. 

Panelists include:
Featured artist Thomas “Detour” Evans.

Gabriela Perez, Creative Strategies for Change. 

Facilitated by John Barbour, Co-Founder of Feral Factory and design-educator, author, and futurist.

With additional members of the community to be announced.

Free and Open to the Public

The Crash
2555 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205