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Mai Wyn Fine Art - First Friday Opening

Mai Wyn Fine Art

Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

Apocryphal Terrains  
On View March 17 - April 22, 2017
1st Friday Reception: Friday, April 7, 5-10pm

"Apocryphal Terrains" by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy

Photography has always been a part of my sculptural practice, though I have never considered myself a “photographer”.  My approach to photography is sculptural in nature, in that it is concerned with creating fake “environments” and photographing them in macro.  I bounce between these spatial worlds, one process informing the other -- studio refuse in the form of colored bits of leftover plastic from resin pours creating colorful backdrops; the formal discoveries through the camera lens playing into sculptural compositions.  Much of my photography is taken in nature, incorporating the real landscape with the fake, invented landscape -- creating the illusion of expansive terrains within minutiae such as a hilly clump of moss or a crystalline patch of snow.  Conversely, on my hikes I drag back bits of nature -- beetle-bark laced pine and twisted stumps, and make them more “fake” in the studio.  Despite having done the photography side of this work for many years, it has rarely been shown; this show brings my process fully into the gallery.  Whether photography or sculpture, each story told by these objects is somewhat of a “lie” - not nature, but not entirely fake either, blending the two seamlessly to create a new space to inhabit.

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