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Valkarie Gallery - Bob Coller Jewett - Opening

Bob Coller Jewett

On View April 5th to April 30th, 2017
Opens April 7th, 6-9p

As part of Denver’s Month of Photography, Valkarie Gallery will be showcasing the photography of Bob Coller Jewett in the southern gallery for the month of April.
"Kaleidoscope images are fleeting, they can change quickly. A random moment in the garden or while traveling may appear; soon only to be a memory. These tessellations are those moments in time revisited. A new pattern emerges, hints of the original subtly remind us of what we saw. After a renewed consideration new patterns emerge.

Is it about the mystery of the elements that create the collage or how our mind interprets the newly formed patterns?

Collaging an image allows me to explore the potential, what was it that drew me to making that photograph? The discovery has been rewarding, the potential endless - the geometry and tiling sees to that.

My collages originally started as single print, cut and mounted. Being left-handed never allowed me the precision for accuracy. Now with digital tools I can produce a seamless collage and remain true to my photographic background.

The collage is reborn and the potential astounds me."

Valkarie Gallery
445 South Saulsbury Street
Lakewood, CO. 80226