Stacey Tyrel
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  Stacey Tyrell    Role Play - Group Show Organized by CPAC  RedLine Project Space Gallery March 14th - April 25, 2015 Opening Reception March 14, 6-10pm
 Jessamyn Lovell  Dear Erin Hart  February 27 – March 28, 2015  Opening Friday, February 27, 7 – 8.30pm. Jessamyn Lovell will speak about her work at CPAC prior to the reception at 6-7pm  My identity was stolen by a San Francisco-based woman named Erin Hart in 2011. Dear Erin Hart, is a body of work made in response to crimes Erin Hart committed using my name and identity. In an effort to piece together my transgressor’s crime spree, I documented relevant places, interviewed witnesses, hired a private investigator, and even photographed Erin Hart being released from jail. Through photography, video, and other forms of documentation, I make an attempt at understanding this woman and the course of events that brought their lives together.  - Jessamyn Lovell 
 Jessamyn Lovell  - Dear Erin Hart
 Jessamyn Lovell  Dear Erin Hart
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  Self-Publish Your Book class for editing books with Patti Hallock
 Photo :  Richard Alden Peterson and Sydney Kovak Peterson   Denver Public Library  Fashion Culture 2.0   Curated by Natascha Seideneck  March - April, 2015 Denver Public Library Western History Collection  5th Floor Gallery 10 West 14th St. Denver, CO 80204 720.865.1821   Artists: Mark Sink, Kristen Hatgi, Tom McIntyre, Richard Peterson, Sydney Peterson, Mario Zoots, Jordin Wommack, Candice Knudson, Kevin Alexander, Marla Rutherford, Sara Ford, Reese St Germain, Derek Velasquez, Laura Shill.  This exhibition Fashion/Culture was conceived not only to raise awareness for CPAC but also to provide a connection between the institution and Denver’s fashion community which has become more established over the last few years. The concept is not centered on commercial fashion photography, although it is one of the features in the exhibition,but about how fashion affects culture. This includes how different cultural groups appropriate fashion, how artist interpretate it and how it reflects our identity. Natascha Seideneck
 CPAC is dedicated to fostering the understanding and appreciation of photography in all forms and concepts through exhibitions, education and community outreach.
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