High Prairie International Polo Club, Parker, CO, 2014
Red Hawk Ridge, Castle Rock, CO, 2014
    Evan Anderman Photography  I seek to challenge our understanding of the relationship between human development and the natural world by documenting the way we use the land. Description As a geologist, when I fly over the high plains of eastern Colorado, I look at the many, overlapping layers and how the land has been modified by a combination of processes, both natural and manmade. The lowest layer, the land itself, has been created over literally millions of years and forms the foundation. Draped on top of that is what mankind has imposed in various ways; activities and structure that are collectively called “progress.” While my main interest is the subtle beauty of the landscape itself, I also like to tease out what man has done with that land, and make the viewer wonder what is going on and why. The images are fundamentally aesthetic, but leave you questioning the subject matter.   209 Kalamath St, Unit 4, Denver, Colorado 80223  Evan Anderman Photography LLC  (303) 832-6200  evan@evananderman.com    http://www.EvanAnderman.com    http://www.journeythroughlandscape.com
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