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Denver Art Museum - John Chiara - Anderman Photography Lectures Series

Anderman Photography Lectures Series

John Chiara
Wednesday, February 06, 7–8:30 pm
Hamilton Building, Lower Level
Purchase tickets HERE or call 720.913.0130

San Francisco-based photographer John Chiara describes his work as “part photography, part sculpture and part event.” He uses a custom-built large format camera, which fits on a flatbed trailer, to make large-scale unique color photographs of the landscape and built environment.

Chiara responds to the quality of the light in each chosen location and using composition and color creates images that represent the spirit of the place depicted while also allowing traces of the photographic process to remain visible in the final photograph.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Lecture tickets are $5 for students, DAM members and CPAC members, $12 for general admission.

Anderman Photography Lecture Series
The Anderman Photography Lecture Series presents talks by the preeminent creators and thinkers in photography today.

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