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40W STUDIOS - Diane Allison - Opening

Micro Galaxies in the Everyday
Diane Allison
Opening March 1st, 5-9pm

40 W Studios is hosting Denver native Diane Allison's most recent large scale Micro Galaxies in the Everyday. These works showcase the unseen or unnoticed microcosms that surround us. Her interest in natural phenomenons, clouds, sunsets, sunlight led her to closer examination into the infinitesimal. After her recent CRUSH Walls involvement, she grew to love wheat pasting, and began a new technique involving bringing the pasteup process indoors and moveable.

The 40W Studios will be open for the first Friday of March from 5-9 in conjunction with the Month of Photography and there will be a district wide and wildly popular Mardi Gras Party in which all of the studio artists will be in attendance. Mandy Scott, Kathy Mitchell-Garton, Rich Chamberlain, Richard Eversley, and Sarah Deangelo will have photographs on display at 40W Studios as well.

40W Studios
1615 Reed Street
Lakewood CO 80214