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Boxcar Gallery Portland Photography Forum - Opening


The Project Salon

A Portland Photography Forum

Mark Danley, Ellen Stauder, Alice Walker

Opening March 1, 2019 from 6-10p

Runs through March

The purpose of The Project Salon, founded and facilitated by the distinguished photographer Charles Purvis (, is to bring together a group of photographers who each want to create a body of work–an exhibition, a book, or portfolio–over an extended period to time. In bi-weekly meetings, members present their ongoing work to the group and both receive and offer constructive reflection concerning subject, process, narrative, editing and final form.

While the individuals in the group have wide-ranging experience and interests, they share a passion and commitment to the medium of photography and to supporting one another in their development as photographers.

Mark Danley
"Portraits from a Forgotten Place -- Freetown following Ebola"
Sierra Leone is one of the most compromised places on earth...these portraits show the humanity underneath civil war, Ebola, and a staggeringly inept political and economic system. The people of Freetown remain generous and stoic, finding ways of transcending the chaos that threatens their very existence.

Ellen Stauder
“First Seeing”
I make abstract photographs of botanical subjects in order to explore the reciprocal relationship between my body and the natural world by transforming the plant world from objects into feelings. Each time I encounter a tree or flower, my understanding of that form is reshaped and deepened; likewise, through repeated experimentation with the photographic medium, especially the compositional use of light and shadow, abstraction and framing, I aim to give the viewer a sense of immediate bodily proximity to and intimacy with the object and thus the feeling of seeing it as if for the first time.

Alice Walker
"What is Unique?" Street Photography from Amsterdam’s Gay Pride
Shot on film using a 1950s Rolleiflex and printed in the format of a Polaroid, I question: "Can a digital print of only one ever have as much significance as a one-of-a-kind Polaroid?"

Boxcar Gallery
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