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Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts - Visions of Light: Juried Photography Exhibition - Opening

Visions of Light: Juried Photography Exhibition
February 23 - April 26, 2019
Opens March 1, 6-8pm

Ciara Abeyta, Art Ballah, Kathie Ballah, Bill Benson, Leah Hope Bonzer, Alan Boucher, Bill Dahl, Janice Dahl, Tracy Desiderio, Clint Dunham, Evan Gabrielson, Marti Harvey, Mary Hunt, Stephen Jeffcoat, Helen Johnson, Joseph Kovarik, Peter Kowalchuk, Brad Legg, Sally Maddocks, Kaelin and Carissa Mayo, Nancy Meyer, Kim Nordby, Maureen Ravnik, John Reinhard, David Reynolds, Sandy Rich, Peter Rondinone, Lynn Roth, Bonnie Ryder, Michael Ryno, Joe Stanley, Tobias Steeves, Mark Webb, Keith L Williams, Judith Wright, David Yack

Visions, Interpretations, and Use of LIGHT
The mission of the Visions of Light Show is to challenge photographers to go beyond producing a technically correct photographic image and demonstrate their use and control of light to help define the subject. The light can be natural or artificial, or a combination that enhances the impact, drama, emotion, and message of the image. The underlying theme is the vision, interpretation, and use of light.

Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts
304 Hwy 105,
Palmer Lake, CO 80133