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A Babs and Gary Special Event ! Denver, BOULDER, MoP Gallery Tour

Meet at 9:00 am at Federal Coffee (2307 Federal Blvd, Denver) for anyone in the Denver/metro area for coffee and/or burritos and carpool from here.   You'll want to check out the amazing art of Barb Pullin and Gary Reed for the Spun Sugar show. We will spend out 15 minutes here.

Drive to Boulder.

Siedel City in NOBO area (3205 Longhorn Rd) meet up at 10:00 am.    This is where the people in the Boulder area will meet us.  Artists Kellye Eisworth will be here to talk about her M0P show, Subject & Surface. Check out Kelly at

Drive to Boulder Creative.

Boulder Creative Collective (2500 47th St. #10) arrive by 11:15 or 11:30 am.  Theme of the show is Transfixed. They are normally closed on Saturday but have agreed to open up just for us.  Need to leave by 12:00pm.

Drive to and we will park once (for three different things to do) at the Dairy Center and walk 3 blocks to:

Mr. Pool Gallery (2347 South St) arrive by 12:30 pm. Artist Wendi Schnedier, Evenings with the Moon show and we have arranged for Wendi to be there to talk about her wonderful work. Check out Wendi at

LUNCH:  Walk back "by" the Dairy Center to the Buff Restaurant for Lunch (2600 Canyon Blvd) about 5 blocks.Walk to the Dairy Center about 1 1/2 blocks.

Dairy Arts Center (2590 Walnut St). Telling stories behind, through and in front of the camera.  
VIBRANT FEMMES, Frederique Daubal 
Hand-Rudy Gallery First Run Reruns 
Photographs from '90's TV shows, George Lange
Polly Addison Gallery & MacMillan Family Lobby
An Act of Selection
Dan Baumbach, Leslee Broersma, Christopher Carruth, Ali Cowel, Teri Havens, Kevin Hoth, Rebecca Stumpf and Preston Utley 

Drive to George Lange Photography Studio (1035 Pearl St).  George has graciously opened up his photography studio for us to visit.  Check out George at

Drive to CU Boulder Art Museum (University of Colorado, Boulder, 1085 18th St). There are 3-4 shows exhibiting here.  It will keep us busy.

This makes a total of 6-7 stops.