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STUDIO ALTIERI - Chemigram Workshop

March 14 - April 14, 2019

Sharifa Moore, Jason Bye, Leah Diament, Katherine Phenna, Joe Addison, Tania Kaaz, Jody Akers, Bill Westheimer, Leah Diament, Jason Bye, Sharifa Moore, and Gary Reed present

Deconstruction, an exhibition of works by 8 alternative process photographers dismantling traditional and modern modes of photography in the first official exhibit at Altieri Studios.

March 16, 11am-3pm
Chemigram Workshop

A chemigram is a camera-less process in which a substrate is applied to light-sensitive paper to resist the chemical effects of black and white chemistry. By alternating the coated paper through developer and fixer in multiple baths, the substrate will periodically be removed from the paper, resulting in an image that can be colorful and rich in tonality.

Includes Intro to Chemigram chemicals, processes, creative ideas, and print making.

Instructor Joe Addison received his BFA from UCD studying with Carol Golemboski and Bill Adams. Joe specializes in alternative processes and camera-less photography and has exhibited his work nationally. Joe currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska where he co-curates Petshop Gallery, regularly teaches alt-process workshops and maintains the darkroom at The Union for Contemporary Art.


March 31, 11am - 3pm: Paper Negative Workshop ($40)

April 7, 11am- 3pm: Cyanotype Workshop ($40)

Studio Altieri
1 Galapago St,
Denver, CO 80223