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STUDIO ALTIERI - Cyanotype Workshop

March 14 - April 14, 2019

Sharifa Moore, Jason Bye, Leah Diament, Katherine Phenna, Joe Addison, Tania Kaaz, Jody Akers, Bill Westheimer, Leah Diament, Jason Bye, Sharifa Moore, and Gary Reed present

Deconstruction, an exhibition of works by 8 alternative process photographers dismantling traditional and modern modes of photography in the first official exhibit at Altieri Studios.

April 7, 11am-3pm
Cyanotype Workshop

A cyanotype is a historic photographic process invented in 1842. Rather than utilizing silver, this method employs a combination of iron salts, and is one of the most stable and archival processes in photography. Cyanotype images are characterized by their Prussian blue color.

In this workshop, you will create your own cyanotypes, using either a contact printing method, or a photogram, using flat objects you bring to class.

Paper will be coated in advance, so you need bring only your film negative and photogram objects. We will teach you how to lay out, expose, and develop your images. At the end of the workshop, you will bring home 5 4x5 images.

** If you need assistance printing a photograph negative, arrangements may be made in advance.

This workshop will be taught by Sharifa Moore, part of the 2019 graduating class, at CU Denver. Sharifa received a EUReCA fellowship to conduct extensive research on the cyanotype process in the fall of 2018.

Studio Altieri
1 Galapago St,
Denver, CO 80223