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ASMP - Panel Discussion - Diebolt Brewing Company

How to Streamline Your Workflow
Panel discussion with Paul Trantow and Paul Weinrauch
March 4, 7-9pm
Diebolt Brewing Company

If you’d like to learn how other photographers ingest their images, prepare them for clients, output them to social media, the Library of Congress and to clients, we’ll be discussing this here. Learn how to make this process more efficient from photographers in the industry.

Paul Trantow is a Denver-based corporate shooter, specializing in portraits, healthcare and industrial photography. He opened his studio, Altitude Arts, in 2000.

Paul Weinrauch is a corporate & advertising photographer extraordinaire. Colorado based, New York raised. Proud father of three kids. Nature is his muse, serving people is his purpose.

Diebolt Brewing Company
3855 Mariposa St
Denver, CO

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