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CSU Pueblo Fine Art Gallery - If This Wasn't Me... - Opening

Colorado State University-Pueblo Fine Art Gallery

“If This Wasn't Me...”
March 1st - 29th, 2019
Opening Thursday, March 7th from 5-7pm

Brianna Anderson, Mike Beaty, Bridgett Clay, Andre Cortesi, Christine Deutsch, Todd Edward Herman, Christopher Homminga, Mathias Ingram, James Smith, Kenny Williams.

Collaborations with participants in the Pueblo Regional Center* Photography Workshop. Facilitated by Todd Edward Herman

“If This Wasn't Me...” explores the daily realities and visual imaginations of adults with developmental and psychiatric disabilities, living under the auspices of Colorado's Pueblo Regional Center.* Read Preface by Todd Edward Hermann HERE

“If This Wasn't Me...”
During a recent six month photography workshop, Todd Edward Herman collaborated with Pueblo Regional Center* residents to produce the images in this exhibit. While Herman is clearly shooting his photographs from an outsider's perspective, the photographs made by Pueblo Regional Center* photographers offer new and intimate looks at the often disregarded beauty and mystery within their own home environments. Herman then presents all of the photographs together on the same artistic level, delicately crossing the line that separates teacher and student, photographer and subject, outsider and community, personal agency and full psychiatric guardianship.

“If This Wasn't Me...” is an intimate and poetic collection of images -- moving viewers beyond frequently projected stereotypes of pity and adulation -- mindful of everyone's equal need and ability to meet life's contingencies on their own terms.

CSU-Pueblo Fine Art Gallery, Hoag Hall
Capps Capozzolo Academic Center for the Arts

2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001