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808 Projects - John Boak - Paintings

808 Projects
Artist run project space in Denver, Colorado

John Boak

March 1-31, 2019
Opening March 8, 2019

John Boak will be showing oil paintings and digital paintings at 808PROJECTS on Santa Fe Drive during the month of March. Boak has been working with photography in his paintings for many years. His recent oil paintings explore the position of the photograph in our perception of “real” images. His use of paint to render his blurred source photos creates a realism of the unconscious. You may know what you are looking at. The drawing and form are forceful. But clarity is occasional. Divergence is the subject.

His digital paintings are also built on photographs. In contrast to the oil paintings, these pieces use photographic focus, along with brushwork to join disparate imagery and to release the viewer from the photographic sense of a specific place in the world of things. Feeling precedes resolution.

John Boak is a graduate of Yale University. He has been collected and commissioned for public art in Colorado and nationally.

808 Projects
808 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO

John Boak