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JuiceBox - Joseph Kolean - Opening

JuiceBox Art Space

Nearer to Thee
Joseph Kolean
March 8 - April 19, 2019
Opens March 8, 6pm

Filmmaker Joseph Kolean here organizes his photographs in relation with Dan Kolean's, his father, so that distinction between the two begins to disappear. Having recognized in his father’s vernacular photographs of vacations and family portraits a visual language that might already inform his own, Joseph Kolean tests the ability of a gallery context to host a conversation in which the contributions are collectively generated. The refusal to establish boundaries that distinguish the photographs of the father and the son orients the pictures to the nature of familial relationships and their effect on life trajectory, as well as how memory warps, distorts, distills, and evaporates.

JuiceBox is an art gallery and educational space based in Denver, CO. We serve to provide the art community a platform for exhibitions, workshops, talks, and professional exchange.

JuiceBox Art Space
3006A Larimer St
Denver, CO

Joseph Kolean