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RMCAD Rotunda Gallery - Tya Alisa Anthony - Opening

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

Tya Alisa Anthony

March 8 – April 5, 2019
Opening March 8, 4-8pm
Rotunda Gallery

Delirium is a state of acute temporary confusion making it difficult to think, remember, sleep, pay attention, and express oneself verbally. Delirium may last a few hours, as long as several weeks, or in some cases, several months. According to medical diagnosis, delirium is usually caused by alcohol withdrawal, after major surgery, or as a by product of dementia. In the case of reflecting on our current state of the division of society, resurgence of racism and the Presidential Administration of the United States, delirium due to dismay may last for the next two to six years or longer. Depending on the actual cause of the delirium, treatment may include but is not limited to elimination of usage of specific media outlets who provide the distribution of subversive and counterproductive information. Dealing with the daily dismay of social media timelines that have lead to a wide variety of fractured relationships, friendships, and actual political progress, Delirium allows participants to visually express their anxiety through performance photography and collage. Do not worry, full recovery from delirium is possible with the appropriate treatment. It can take up to a few weeks for you to think, speak, and feel physically like yourself. One might have side effects from social media withdrawal methods used to treat this condition.

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Rotunda Gallery
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design
1600 Pierce St,
Lakewood, CO