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DATELINE Gallery - Public Domain - Opening

Public Domain
Curated by Estevan Ruiz

March 2 - March 31, 2019
Opening March 9, 6 - 11pm

Jared D.P. Anderson, Monique Archuleta, Mickkail Cain, Diana Chairez, 3rd Division, Christopher Empson, Justin Fletcher, Katie Frankly, Juan Fuentes, Armando Geneyro, Sina Mir Ghozati, Tim Herremans, Coburn Huff, Rudy Ortega, Mateo Rodriguez, Estevan Ruiz, Anthony Sandrin, Polina Saran, Mike Tallman, Sean Tallman

A group show featuring the captured streets of Denver from a variety of individual perspectives. Documenting the people, culture and happenings within a given environment has always been at the root of street photography. The candid and gritty nature of this photographic form illuminate the otherwise mundane and overlooked aspects of our daily lives. Public Domain celebrates what is right here in our own backyard, showcasing a number of local photographers who share insights into their realities through their own interpretations.

“No one moment is most important. Any moment can be something.” 
– Garry Winogrand

3004 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205