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DATELINE Jack Ludlam and Coleman Mummery OPENING


Jack Ludlam: Imaginary waters and
Coleman Mummery: Everyone Is Evil and i’m Evil 2

April Exhibition Opening event
Saturday April 6th, 2019 6-11pm
Exhibitions will run through the end of April

In the front gallery

Jack Ludlam: Imaginary Waters

DATELINE in proud to present in conjunction with the Month of Photography Jack Ludlam: Imaginary waters. This exhibition of large scale black and white photographs focusing on the interactive and impactful qualities of coastal work life while living and working in a landlocked state. Taking time to remember and research these interactions between man, object, and nature in an attempt to capture and recreate them from afar by referencing memories from the artists time spent along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. In this way the body of work that is Imaginary Waters becomes a reference point of nostalgia and a storyline of impactful moments and processes that he has been lucky enough to witness or take a small part in. He firmly believes that rather than increasing mass production, cheap prices, and convenience we as a community can look those these people for inspiration and guidance.

Jack Ludlam is a photographer from Denver, Colorado. He found his love for photography in college and his interest in subject matter almost instantly shifted towards documenting daily life while working on farms in Ohio. During several summers of working the land he learned the true meaning of hard labor and its rewards from an extremely under appreciated group of people: the proletariat. Ludlam is ever expanding his body of work by traveling to, and studying various fields of manual labor across the U.S. in order to represent and the beauty of the proletariat and the equipment they work with.

In the project space

Coleman Mummery: Everyone Is Evil and i’m Evil 2

DATELINE welcomes Coleman Mummery as the first artist in our new project space. Everyone is Evil and I’m Evil 2 explores the nature of a post-consumer world through the reimagining of pop culture and the human condition via detritus waiting to be reimagined. Join us as the artist transforms the space into a warped wonderland of melted plastic, toxic neon hues and alien forms.

Coleman Mummery is a Post-Internet artist working in a variety of media including video, sculpture and computer generated 3-D Modeling. Mummery is from Cody, Wyoming and currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He is a past resident of the Rhinoceropolis D.I.Y. venue and was curator of the Post-internet art exhibition LighteLite Coin in conjunction with The Wrong Digital Art Biennale which occurred last Year at DATELINE.

3004 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado 80205