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Denver Art Museum - Month of Photography Lecture: Evan Anderman

Month of Photography Lecture: Evan Anderman
Tuesday, March 19th
7:00-8:30p Hamilton Building, Lower Level
Purchase tickets HERE or call 720.913.0130

Reception with the artist to follow

Denver photographer Evan Anderman’s experience as a geologist and pilot has greatly informed his photography. Using the Colorado landscape as his primary subject, Anderman’s work explores our relationship with and impact on the natural landscape, addressing issues that arise from land use for everything from agriculture and ranching to suburban sprawl and exploitation of natural resources. He explores these ideas through both abstract and representational compositions created from ground level and bird’s eye views highlighting the natural, the man-made and the juxtaposition of the two.

There will be a reception following the lecture at:
Sandra Philips Gallery
47 W. 11th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204

Denver Art Museum Complex
100 W 14th Ave. Pkwy.
Denver, CO 802024