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Studio Altieri - Deconstruction - Opening


March 14 - April 14, 2019
Opens March 14, 6-9pm

Sharifa Moore, Jason Bye, Leah Diament, Katherine Phenna, Joe Addison, Tania Kaaz, Jody Akers, Bill Westheimer, Leah Diament, Jason Bye, Sharifa Moore, and Gary Reed present

Deconstruction, an exhibition of works by 8 alternative process photographers dismantling traditional and modern modes of photography in the first official exhibit at Altieri Studios.

Deconstruction visually breaks down the discussion of modern photography, exploring the ever-changing answer to the question, What is a photograph? Combining historic, archaic, modern, and experimental processes, each of the artists in Deconstruction test the constraints of “Photography”.

Aesthetically, the idea of Deconstruction is interpreted by each artist differently. From using destructive elements in the developing and printing stages to visually breaking down an image to monochrome and lines, the idea of deconstruction is explored in depth through compositionally vivid imagery.

As the images question our traditional beliefs and our process of arriving to them, it lends us an opportunity, in a state of openness, to question other belief systems and how we arrived there. As Derrida suggested, perhaps one idea or thought is not better than the next, perhaps all ideas are complex and come with both advantages and pitfalls. With that understanding we have a better chance of seeing commonalities between these images and the people around us.

The opening will be followed by a series of events and workshops every weekend, centered around alternative processes and bringing the photographic community together. Please reference the calendar for upcoming events.

Studio Altieri
1 Galapago St,
Denver, CO 80223