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MegaFauna - Month of Photography 2019 Exhibit - Opening


Month of Photography 2019 Exhibit
Curated by John McCaskill
Featuring artists Shellie Bee, Tania Kaaz and Al Heuer
March 14 - April 6, 2019
Opens March 14, 2-9pm

Featured Event First Friday April 5, 2-9pm including activations, networking and holistic practice by Cultural Arts United

The prevailing theme of MegaFauna’s 2019 calendar is Universal Agreements, a monthly series of activations defining the conduit of expression from creativity to commerce. Programmed through a series of dynamic mediums and methodologies, MegaFauna continues to seek solidarity throughout the cultural arts and transform the narrative of the creative into narrator, empowering through causality and the universal principle of oneness.

 About the Artists:
Shellie Bee has spent years photographing the streets of Denver with the unique perspective and inside access to the street art culture that is rarely seen. 

A visual artist with an obsession for graffiti and urban decay, Shellie Bee has made a name for herself locally and on online. She also creates colorful and sometimes chaotic on of a kind collages with her photos. With an impressive collection of over 30,000 photographs, she hopes to one day make available a historical archive for future street artist and graffiti writers. | @shelliebee

Al Heuer is a local Denver artist/ photographer and a big fan of history and politics and enjoys taking his camera to former "Cold War" foes and photographing every day life in these places. Through these pieces he tries to open doors toward the future with a look back at the long road of history behind us. He's a big believer that you can’t move into the future without understanding our shared past. |

Tania Kaaz is a photographer who soaks her film in different substances, such as alcohols and lemon juice, in order to destroy the emulsion, resulting in surreal images. She explores the idea of creating beauty out of destruction and hopes to take the viewer on a journey to see the world in new ways and not as it is to the normal eye. |

3102 Blake St,
Denver, CO 80205