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STUDIO ALTIERI - Paper Negative Workshop

March 14 - April 14, 2019

Sharifa Moore, Jason Bye, Leah Diament, Katherine Phenna, Joe Addison, Tania Kaaz, Jody Akers, Bill Westheimer, Leah Diament, Jason Bye, Sharifa Moore, and Gary Reed present

Deconstruction, an exhibition of works by 8 alternative process photographers dismantling traditional and modern modes of photography in the first official exhibit at Altieri Studios.

March 31, 11am-3pm
Student Paper Negative Workshop

Bring your vintage cameras back to life with our paper negative workshop!

A paper negative is much like it sounds. Using photographic paper in place of film we will create a photographic negative that can then be used to make a contact print or can be scanned and inverted to produce a digital print.

Using Vintage cameras this workshop will introduce students to basic photographic concepts, camera operations and darkroom processes that can be executed in your own simple washroom darkroom.

Instructor Jason Bye featured in our month of photography exhibition has been making photographs for most of his life. Creating his first paper negatives in high school Jason became mesmerized by photographic processes sparking a life long passion for the medium. Bye studied studio arts at MSU with an emphasis in photography and has since curated several photo shows with local and national artist. In recent years Bye worked as the Marketing Director at Mike Wright Gallery where he also curated shows for the Month of Photography in 2015 and 2017. Currently Bye is an Account Executive at Reed Art & Imaging working with local, national and international artist to fulfill their print production needs.

Paper and cameras provided by Englewood Camera

Additional cameras provided by Mark Sink


April 7, 11am- 3pm: Cyanotype Workshop ($40)

Studio Altieri
1 Galapago St,
Denver, CO 80223