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Kellye Eisworth SPECIAL OPEN HOUSE at Seidel City 1-4pm

Seidel City

Kellye Eisworth is holding speical open gallery hours at Seidel City Saturday March 30th from 1-4

Subject & Surface
Kellye Eisworth and Forrest Lotterhos

March 15 – May 2, 2019
Opens March 15, 6–9pm

In Subject & Surface, artists Kellye Eisworth and Forrest Lotterhos engage with the body as a site of exploration. The artists draw on their own personal histories to create two distinct bodies of work investigating concepts of identity, agency, and vulnerability. In his short film phoria, Lotterhos draws from his experience as a trans man to offer an intimate look into the complex relationship between the body and the self through candid conversations with members of the trans community. Informed by her experience as a woman with prominent, visible scars, Eisworth’s Topographies of Pain is a series of photographs featuring “female” subjects who have been physically marked by their past while questioning the body’s role in the construction and performance of identity and gender. In Subject & Surface, these two intricate narratives intersect and diverge to form a dialogue that deepens the complexity and amplifies the resonance of both.

phoria is an intimate view of five AFAB (assigned female at birth) trans* people with dysphoria, re: chest. It was shot entirely on black and white 16mm film and hand processed. phoria started as a simple and straight forward idea about showcasing non-binary people and their bodies. It soon developed into a deep and intimate inquiry into identity, self, trans-ness, and the infinite and intricate complexities of transgender people and their experiences in life and existing within their bodies that they often times feel estranged to.

Topographies of Pain
Mapping the geography of pain through markings on the body, Topographies of Pain grapples with the ethical implications of the act of looking and what it means to bear witness to the pain of others. At once both intimate and aggressive, this relationship is dependent on the willingness of both participants to see and be seen by the other. The photographs work to use this shared vulnerability as a point of connection, collapsing the distinction between self and other where the pain of revealing and the pain of looking at that which is revealed converge.

Seidel City hours: March 30th, April 13th, 1 – 4 pm, or by appointment

Seidel City
3205 Longhorn Rd,
Boulder, CO 80302