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IMAP Department
CU Boulder, Visual Arts Complex

March 8 - March 21, 2019
March 18, 6pm

Rebels & Reform:
A Contemporary Photo Showcase of Over 50 Photographers from Burma

Curated by Ryan Libre

This showcase of exhibitions and screenings will give context and faces to stories you have never heard, from a country you don’t know how to call. As freedom of expression starts to peak it’s head out from 50 years of harsh censorship the visual arts scene in Burma is starting to get interesting, but artists, film makers, journalists are still routinely given or are threatened with long jail sentences for any ideas that the old guard of military dictators in new suits finds “too much”.

This showcase is just scratching the surface of this exciting but still risky time for photography in Burma. It includes works from individual artists and Everyday Kachin, the Yangon Photo Festival, the Myanmar Photo Archive, Let My Voice Be Heard, the Myitkyina Journal & Sakse.

Produced by DocArtsAsia & the Center for Asian Studies at CU Boulder for the Month of Photography Denver & generously hosted by the Visual Arts Center of CU Boulder.


Cali Banks

As an interdisciplinary artist, Banks' practice works within the realm of public versus private narratives. These narratives stem into identity and feminine discourse. In this small body of work, FANTASY, Banks uses a flatbed scanner as a camera, and displays images of women's lingerie. While these images are abstracted, the forms and textures of lingerie are still present. Crossing over between humor and eroticism, she uses imitation names of lingerie, paired with these abstract forms.


Alejandra Abad

Documentation of the aftermath after the Parkland Shooting. The photos have been digitally manipulated after scanning versions of them using gum print.

University of Colorado at Boulder
Visual Arts Complex, Lower Level
1085 18th St.
Boulder, CO 80309