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CU Boulder - Visual Arts Complex - Opening

CU Boulder, The Visual Arts Complex
Lower Level - Art History Building

Alex John Sweetman, Paul Stein, Paula Gillen, Melissa Pickering
March 8 - March 28, 2019
Opening, March 18, 5-7pm.
The building is open from 7am till 9pm.

Alex John Sweetman - Recent Work: Fall 2018
Color prints of symbols, arrows, lights and other found abstractions photographed in the Boulder environment.

Paul Stein - Lies
Paul Stein's series Lies explores visual appropriation, memory, and mortality. The diptychs in his project depict how observation gives way to memory, how truth and fiction merge, and how our experiences gain a new meaning through our reimagining. Like memory, intention gives way to intrusion, and so the sequencing of these photos is random. Paul's diptychs are created from found vintage photographs that he re-edits and places in dialogues. They are from the proposed book project Lies.

Paula Gillen - Roman Trumpe–l’oeil
For the digital collages of this latest series, Gillen fuses images of Julius Cesar and his cohorts, as depicted in Ancient Roman sculpture, with the faces of current US political figures. In this series, several acts of illusion—those of history, power, and the means of artistic representation—dramatically unravel. On display will be black and white portraits on metal.

Melissa Pickering - Fired or Forced Out
#firedorforcedout series
This is a series of people that trump has fired or forced out of office during his administration. The departures are often because he did not like how the person was behaving. His actions reveal cronyism, a reluctance to truly serve the people, and a purposeful undermining of the integrity of our White House and country. The text on each piece is from trump’s tweet from that day (relevant to the firing or not), that I have rearranged to tell a new story.

Visual Arts Complex
University of Colorado, Boulder

1085 18th St,
Boulder, CO 80302