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RULE Gallery - In The Fold - Opening


In The Fold
Susan Blake, Basil Kincaid, Renluka Maharaj

March 22 - May 4, 2019
Opens March 22, 6-9pm

RULE Gallery is pleased to present In The Fold, a group exhibition in conjunction with Denver’s Month of Photography 2019 featuring Susan Blake, Basil Kincaid and Renluka Maharaj. The show will be presented at RULE Gallery, located at 530 Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO and will open with a public reception on March 22 from 6-9pm. In The Fold will be on view through May 4, 2019.

In The Fold showcases three artists whose photographic work lies at the intersection of culture and identity, where fabric as subject holds memory at the forefront of their individual practice. Fabric can be seen as an impression of a figure or a stand-in for the remembrance of a loved one. It acts as a vehicle for a history, woven into each thread or sewn into an ancestral quilt. Susan Blake evokes her art historical background, referencing Baroque decadence through the use of drapery as fluid interplay between nature and artifice, transforming each scene into a contemporary landscape. The seductively arranged textiles draw the viewer into the natural world suggesting a deceptive human presence in a seemingly idealistic setting amidst preserved lands. Basil Kincaid examines the relationship of personal and cultural identity through the use of contextualized materials, stitching the disparate stories together into a unified quilt. These multilayered textile blocks are derived from the community, comprising of donated scraps or printed fabric made from his photographs of discarded elements in his environment. Additionally, these quilts cloak individuality in Kincaid’s more traditional photographic pieces, bringing emphasis to historical investigation of our shared experiences to a global level. Renluka Maharaj’s work presents elements of performance and installation through photography. Maharaj uses portraiture to explore the rich history and religion of her ancestors, focusing on the impact of colonialism and the contemporary placement of gender and sexuality of cross-cultural identity.

RULE Gallery
530 Santa Fe Dr,
Denver, CO 80204